Integrative and Functional Telemedicine

Welcome to Sweezer Integrative and Functional Medicine. Offering convenient and comprehensive telemedicine visits. Looking forward to helping you achieve your best health!

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- Address the root causes of your problems
- Spend more time with your doctor
- See a doctor from the safety and    
   convenience of your home or office 
- Make lasting lifestyle changes
- Feel better and live healthier now 


Video Visits

Save time with telemedicine consults with Dr. Sweezer. New patient consults are 60 minutes and follow up consults are typically 30 minutes. Booking links make scheduling simple so make your appointment today! 

Lab Testing 

Offering both routine and functional medicine laboratory testing to help find the cause of disease, not just mask symptoms.  Labs can be ordered virtually and completed conveniently. 


Patient Portal 

All patients have free access to our HIPAA compliant patient portal. There you can book appointments, send and receive important medical documents and ask questions directly to our physician. 



Confused about which supplements are best for you? Clean out your supplement cabinet and get accurate, expert recommendations tailored to your needs. 


About our Fees 

Patient-focused Functional and Integrative medicine simply does not fit into the conventional model that insurance was designed to serve. 

Therefore, we do not bill insurance for consults.

Credit and Debit cards are accepted for payment of consult fees, specialized labs and supplements. Routine labs may be billed to insurance. 


Now seeing NEW PATIENTS age 13 and above

Currently serving TEXAS  Residents  

Consult Fees 

New Patient Consult

Limited Time Promotion



-60 minute Consult

-Comprehensive Functional Medicine Assessment 

-Individualized Treatment Plan 

-Dietary Recommendations

-Lab and Supplement Recommendations Included (products and labs are an additional fee)

Follow Up Consult

Limited Time Promotion



-30 Minute Consult 

-Interval Functional Assessment (Frequency Varies) 

-Updates to Treatment Plan 

-Ongoing support including labs and supplement recommendations

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About Dr. Sweezer 


Dr. Sweezer is a board-certified Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician AND a Naturopathic Doctor. 

She has additional training from the Institute for Functional Medicine.  She has spent her career helping patients address the root cause of their medical problems. Her unique experience and friendly, professional approach helps you to achieve your best health.  

Dr. Sweezer is phenomenal! I am so glad that I found her, as she has truly changed by life for the better. Dr. Sweezer is an amazing listener, which is essential in functional medicine. Instead of just trying to treat my symptoms and being judgy, she got to the root causes of my health problems. Dr. Sweezer helped me to make a true lifesytle change, rather than giving me a quick, temporary fix. I haven't felt this good in years, and I owe it all to Dr. Sweezer! 

Sara R. 

Dallas, TX


I met with Dr. Sweezer twice and absolutely love her. She is fun and energetic. She is very well educated but doesn’t talk above you. She knows her stuff and I will follow her where ever she lands.

Rosanna S.     

Dallas, TX


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